Blog update: “Today is…(o^^o)”

Maimi wishes a happy birthday to the person who got her where she is today in her October 29th update “Today is…(o^^o)“. Full translation below.

Good morningUMAくんピンクハート

Today is Tsunk♂-san’s birthday!!

Happy birthday Tsunku♂-sanキラキラ
Ever since he led us to this world,

℃-ute’s become the place I call home.
I’ve met a lot of people.

Everything up to now goes back to that day he said “All 15 people pass!!”!!

I really have tons of gratitude for Tsunku♂-san!!

Please have a birthday filled with happiness, Tsunku♂-sanクローバー


today Hagi-chan and I have a release commemoration & handshake event at Aeon Mall Kita-Toda for the single that just went on sale yesterday,

“Arigatou ~Mugen no Yell~/Arashi wo Okosunda Exciting Fight!”口笛ラブラブ


The event starts at 7:00PM,
so if you have time, please be sure to comeラブラブラブ

We’re waitingおねがいピンクハート


And then,
today at 9:00PM,
the YouTube program “GREEN ROOM” is scheduled to be uploadedおねがいチューリップ

In addition,
at 1:00AM,

on TV Tokyo’s “The Girls Live”,
we will perform our new songウインクピンクハート

Please be sure to check both outキラキラ

Well then, well then, let’s have a wonderful day todayラブラブキラキラ

Until the next update~犬ピンクハート

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