Blog update: “What’s today?”

Maimi wishes a Morning Musume。’15 member a happy birthday in her October 27th update “What’s today?“. Full translation below.

Good morning太陽

The weather is nice todayピンクハートうさぎ

Today at 8:00PM,
Hagiwara Mai-chan and I will appear on Radio NEO’s “MAG!C☆PRINCE no LOVE Radi”!!キラキラ

It seems the host Nishioka Kengo-san has cheered for ℃-ute since he was little,

and has participated in a NaruChika concertキョロキョロ!!

To think that he’d end up working in entertainment too…!!ですねニコニコキラキラ

We talked about that during the programおねがい音符

Please be sure to check it out猫ピンクハート

In addition,
today, October 27th, is Morning Musume。’15’s Kudou Haruka-chan’s birthday口笛ハート

Happy 16th birthday, Kudou-chanラブラブ
When I see her face on screen,
or in gravure spreads,
or when I meet her in real life,
she’s so cute and has a feeling of translucency like an angel…

The gap between that and her handsomeness is nice~ラブラブラブ

But there’s also an innocent girl side to her that’s shy…

She’s grabbed the hearts of a lot of girls in Hello! Project! lol

She’s level-headed and polite,
so I think she’s a really good girl猫ラブラブ

I hope she has a wonderful year this year tooおとめ座ピンクハート


Well then, let’s have a fun day照れイチョウ


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