Blog update: “Marika-chan!”

Maimi watches a former co-star perform on stage in her October 26th update “Marika-chan!“. Full translation below.

Today I went to see my “Sakura no Hanataba” co-star Fukunaga Marika’s play “Ima, Dekiru, Seiippai.”!

This time I was watching Marika-chan, who I stood on stage with before, from the audience…ピンクハート

When we co-starred together, it was almost always just the 2 of us,
so I didn’t have any experience seeing Marika-chan’s acting from the audience~おねがいキラキラ

Her role was completely different from Hikaru (←The name of her character in Sakura no Hanataba),

but I empathized with Marika-chan’s character( ;  ; )

There are a variety of people who each have a variety of problems, and there are parts we can and can’t understand, isn’t there.


Marika-chan and all of the cast were sparkling, so they gave me a lot of energy!!ラブラブ

I think it’s a role that uses a lot of mental power too, but I hope she can make it to the closing day without any injuriesキラキラ

I was able to meet her and talk for a little bit after the performance, so I was happy(o^^o)!!

I really get motivated seeing someone the same age as me working hardハートピンクハートハート

I hope we can co-star again someday…ラブラブラブ


It’s unrelated,
but here a picture with Aro-chan (Aroma)\ラブラブラブ

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