Blog update: “Kawaguchi!”

Maimi prepares to relax after an exciting day in her hometown in her October 25th update “Kawaguchi!“. Full translation below.

Today at Kawaguchi Lilia,
we had a ℃-ute concertラブピンクハート

Of the 5 members, 4 are from Saitama!!
Even Airi, who is from Chiba prefecture, is like half from Saitama…爆笑ラブラブ

So because it was a concert in our hometown, everyone was already excited in the morningラブチューリップ

There was a handshake event at the venue in the morning,
and people who couldn’t participate in the concert came too,

and I was happy that I could meet a lot of people in the morningラブラブラブ

And then,
the concert was really excitingえーんハート

People were closely packed all the way to the 3rd floor, so I was really happyおねがいラブラブ

Even though it’s only the 2nd venue we’ve performed in since the start of the tour, everyone’s unity is amazing,

and I was moved how everyone was already singing along with the song from our album coming out December 23rdヽ(;▽;)ノ

I had a lot of fun today, so I’m happyピンクハートキラキラ

Everyone who participated,
everyone who cheered for us even though they couldn’t, thank you so very muchラブラブラブ

The next performance is in Nagoya on Halloween爆笑ピンクハート

Please be sure to come in a costumeおねがいラブラブ

Alright! Tonight I’ll take my time soaking in the tub and give myself a massageおねがいピンクハート

Good night流れ星おひつじ座

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