Blog update: “Zama last!”

Maimi crashes after the opening weekend of the autumn tour in her October 18th update “Zama last!“. Full translation below.

Good work todaaaaaay犬しっぽ犬からだ犬あたま

Right now I really feel like sprawling myself out on the sofaピンクハートlol

We finished the Zama performances of the autumn tour without any problems(≧∇≦)

Everyone who participated, did you have fun??(//∇//)

We’re burned out too,
so it was truly a perfect explosionラブピンクハート

Aaah! I love concertsピンクハート
Even though I become so exhausted,
it’s a good feeling(^O^)ラブラブ

thanks for sticking with us until the very endラブキラキラ

I was able to see a loooooot of people’s sparkling expressions,
and whenever we made eye contact,
I thought

“Wowラブ I’m happyキラキラピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート

During the concerts,
we announced that our first album in 2 years will release on December 23rdウインクキラキラ

We’re already performing one of the songs from that album,

and it’s fun too(//∇//)ピンクハート

Everyone is already singing and dancing along with us, and that feeling of having fun together is the bestラブラブキラキラ

You there interested in what kind of song it is!
We’re waiting for you at the autumn tour(≧∇≦)ラブラブ


The tour has only just begun!
I’m waiting for a lot of people to participateキラキラ

I will soak in the bath then massage myself!!(^O^)

Everyone who participated, take proper care of your bodyウインクピンクハート

Everyone who couldn’t participate,
thank you for your supportラブラブ(//∇//)
I hope we can meet at the next venueラブラブ

Well then, well then,
until tomorrow’s update(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Good nightウインクピンクハート

Here’s pictures from after the performanceピンクハート

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