Blog update: “Jyuwa jyuwa!”

Maimi has a successful start to the autumn tour in her October 18th update “Jyuwa jyuwa!“. Full translation below.

Good morning鳥

Yesterday the autumn tour “℃-ute Concert Tour 2015 Aki ℃an’t STOP!!” finally startedラブワーラブラブ

Once again I felt that being able to meet everyone is the source of my powerラブピンクハート

I love concerts so much! lol

I’m really happy when I see everyone’s smiles!!キラキラ

I’m really nervous on the opening day of each tour thinking
“Will they enjoy this tour??”,

but I became happy when I saw everyone getting excitedハートハートハート

The concert can’t stop, so my sweat doesn’t stop eitherてへぺろアセアセ
Everyone kept up with us while they were soaked with sweat too,

so I thought “As expected of team ℃-ute!!爆笑

We just finished a handshake event at the venue today,

and it seems the people who participated yesterday have muscle sorenessキョロキョロ!!

Get betterニヤリ

But we’re not going to go easy on you today! lolグラサン

Everyone who participated,
everyone who couldn’t but still cheered for us, thank youキラキラおねがい

Alrightハート Today I’ll go put on a concert with all my power tooウインクグー

Everyone, have a wonderful day~音符


Today at 6:30PM,
Yajima will appear as a guest on TBS Radio’s “Miracle Cycle Life”口笛ピンクハート

If you have time, please be sure to listenおねがい

In addition!!
The digest for “Flowing”, the Yajima Maimi Blu-ray coming out on October 21st, has been released(・∀・)キラキラ

The Blu-ray this time was filmed without any cuts!!キラキラ

There’s a story, and I play the heroine in that story, so I hope that everyone will be able to understand the storyウインクラブラブ

Please be sure to check it outウインクピンクハート

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