Blog update: “Today’s announcements!”

Maimi begins the day letting us know what to tune in for in her September 28th update “Today’s announcements!“. Full translation below.

Good morningハート

Here are today’s announcementsニコニコ!!

At 4:00PM~


an interview conducted by former Melon Kinenbi member Saitou Hitomi-san after our performance at the idol festival “Northern Music Circuit 2015” the other day will airおねがい!!


In addition,
at 9:00PM on Space Shower TV Plus,
“℃-ute 10-shuunen Kinen Special” will air again!!

Please be absolutely sure to check them outおねがい

Let’s have a fun day todayピンクハート
Well then, until the next updateウインク

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