Blog update: “Mottainai Fair Utsunomiya 2015”

Maimi enjoys a rare outdoor morning performance in her September 27th update “Mottainai Fair Utsunomiya 2015“. Full translation below.

We appeared at “Mottainai Fair Utsunomiya 2015″(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))!!

The stage was outdoors,
so the temperature was cool and it had the atmosphere of a music festival(^O^)

Nacky couldn’t appear today before she had another job scheduled before our appearance at the event was decided.

The original plan was to go on for 20 minutes and perform 2 songs and a talk corner,

but when we arrived at the venue, there were more people lined up than we had imagined,

so we added an extra song in a hurry for a total of 3ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート

Thank you so muchえーんピンクハート


There were a lot of children and people who didn’t know about us,

so I was happy that we could appear at the event!!

Next time, we’ll definitely perform with Nacky!!
I want to show them a performance with all 5 membersおねがい!!

Everyone who gathered,
everyone who cheered for us even though you couldn’t participate, thank you so very muchニコニコラブラブ

And then, thank you to all of the staff who asked us to perform at “Mottainai Fair Utsunomiya 2015” too!!キラキラ

Footage from today’s concert will air on Tochigi TV’s “SOUND30” at a later date,


so those who can watch it, please be sure to check it outニコニコ音符


Well then, let’s enjoy the rest of the dayウインクピンクハート

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