Blog update: “Like a storm…(^O^)”

Maimi gets a visit from a lively relative in her September 26th update “Like a storm…(^O^)“. Full translation below.

Good morning!!キラキラ

This is a story from after our live appearance on J:COM TV’s “J:TV Style” the day before yesterday…ニコニコキラキラ

Afterwards, I returned home,

and I crashed on my bed with my dogs照れピンクハート

I slept so much~ラブラブキラキラ

At night, a bustling voice caused me to open my eyes,

and it was my nephew waking me up saying “Time to eatおねがい!!ピンクハートlol

While thinking “O~hキラキラ He came~照れ“,
I headed down to the living room,

and he proudly pulled out stamps his grandpa bought him,

and said “Alright, let’s battle to see who can stamp the most from now~(o^^o)”…


He was earnestly stamping away… lol

Yeah. I lost;^_^A lol


I begged my dad for a stamp set when I was little too,
so he bought one for me~!!lol

We had dinner,
and when I was helping set the table,
my nephew mimicked me, carrying things with all his mightおねがいラブラブ


“Maimi-chan, where are you sitting?(•o•) I will eat next to you!!“…

He’s cute, isn’t he照れラブラブ

While eating too,
he said “I washed the potatoes and carrots~(o^^o) Are they yummy??(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))”(≧∇≦) lol

My nephew ate his carrots,

so my mom and I praised him saying “You can eat carrots!!(o^^o) Amazingキラキラ“,

and he said “I love carrots!!(≧∇≦) More please~チュー“(≧∇≦)

His simplicity is cute, rightラブ!!


Eating with my brother and his wife made me happy tooおねがいラブラブ


After we finished eating and granny was washing the dishes,
she asked him “Tidy up the tableware and wipe the table cleanキラキラウインク“,

and he responded “Got it(≧∇≦)” and started cheerfully tidying up!!

When I went to help,

he said “I’ll do it!!えー“…lol

I notice it when we’re together,
but it seems my nephew likes clean things~( ゚д゚)!!


Like with the sheets that we stamped on,

he compared the sheet he folded up himself to the one I folded up and asked me

“How’d you fold it so nicely?(´・_・`) Fold mine nicely too(´・Д・)」”,

and I fixed it up for him!!ニコニコ


He told me “Hold onto the stamp sheet for the next time I come!(•o•)
Absolutely!!” (o^^o)lol

Did he think I’d lose it right away? lol

At any rate, he was talking the entiiiiire time~! lol

After he left, it was like a storm had passed! lol

He’s healthy and growing up quickly,
so my mom seemed really happy too(^O^)


When I wasn’t there yesterday, he said something like this to my mom!!lol

“I have a favor to ask of Maimi-chan!!”

My mom thought it must have been a really important favor,

but it seems it was “Let’s play again!”笑い泣きlol


Ah! Was it because of that?びっくり
My nephew thought he’d be able to play with me again the next day and so he told me to keep the stamp sheet,

but since I wasn’t there yesterday,
maybe he thought I wouldn’t play with him again anymore?;^_^A

I’ve got to play with him a lot next time I see him!!ピンクハートlol

Well then, let’s have a wonderful day today tooおねがいラブラブ


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