Blog update: “Hot(≧∇≦)”

Maimi breaks a sweat as tour rehearsal starts in her September 26th update “Hot(≧∇≦)“. Full translation below.

Rehearsal has finally started for our autumn tour beginning on October 17thおねがいラブラブ

We were earnestly dancing v(^-^)v

My sweat messed up my hair(^◇^;)
℃-ute is already looking forward to the performances while dancing along with the setlist(°∀°)b

I wonder what the autumn tour will be likeハートハートハート

I can’t waitニコニコラブラブ


Everyone, please be sure to come to the autumn tour(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))


And then,
tomorrow we will appear at “Mottainai Fair Utsunomiya 2015”,
being held in Utsunomiya!!キラキラ

Nacky had scheduled another job prior, so she won’t be appearing,

but we’ll all work hard for her tooラブラブグー


Footage from tomorrow’s event will air on Tochigi TV’s “SOUND30” at a later dateウインク

“Mottainai Fair Utsunomiya 2015”
Tochigi TV “SOUND30” public recording
Date: September 27th (Sun.) ※Appearing at 11:30AM
Venue: Utsunomiya Joushi Kouen

Please check here for details.

If you have time, please be sure to come watchハートハートハート

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