Blog update: “Mexico! 2nd day”

Maimi details her second day south of the border in her September 24th update “Mexico! 2nd day“. Full translation below.

The 2nd day in Mexico was…

a photoshootウインクラブラブ

We wore Mexican outfitsTシャツスカート

Everyone was matchingラブラブニコニコ

There was an iguana where we arrived in downtown Cancunピンクハートキラキラ

It’s like when I saw the mongoose in Hawaii!!びっくり

But it stared at us without moving unlike the mongoose, so I didn’t have to chase after itウインクラブラブ

Here’s a picture of the iguana!!

Can you find him?チュー

It’s difficult,

so I’ll attach a picture where he’s easier to see!!星

I’ve never seen one in Japan,
so I surprised when I first noticed him笑い泣き!!


After the shoot,
we went shopping for about an hourラブカバン

There was a Mexican loungewear shop called “Oysho”,

and the things they had were cuteラブピンクハート

I bought some sleepwear and some slippersラブラブラブ

Their accessories were also cute,
so I bought some as giftsおねがいピンクハート

Then everyone went to dinner~パスタボトル

I was surprised to find out they eat cactus in Mexicoびっくり!!

It’s blurry, but the middle-right is cactusキラキラ

I wondered “Will I be able to eat this~ポーン“,
but when I tried it, it tasted like a mix of okra and peppers,

and the texture grew on meおねがいピンクハート
It was delicious and I felt like it was good for my healthラブピンクハート

I fully enjoyed my 2nd day in Cancun口笛ラブラブ


Now then, today at 9:00PM,
the YouTube program “GREEN ROOM” is scheduled to be uploadedキラキラ

In addition,

“The Girls Live” will air on TV Tokyo at 1:00AM,

so please be sure to check it outおねがいチョキ

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