Blog update: “Yaho♪”

Maimi makes a startling discovery while unpacking in her September 23rd update “Yaho♪“. Full translation below.

Good afternoon晴れ

I woke up this morning in Japan太陽曇り

The time difference between Japan and Mexico is 14 hours, and if I was still in Mexico,

it’d be 11:15PM yesterday right now!おねがい

When I think of it like that, it makes me think “It’s really far awayキョロキョロ“,

but even in that far away place, I felt that team ℃-ute was there sending us their love, so I was really happyニコニコラブラブ

That’s right!!
After returning from Mexico yesterday, I was sorting my souvenirs,

and the bag of potato chips that was so full it was bulging over there had flattened! lol(≧∇≦)

Mexico’s elevation is high,
so as a result of the atmospheric pressure, it became flat(*^^*)ハート

It’s interestingラブラブ爆笑

For dinner,
I ate the takikomi rice, nikujaga, and tsukemono my mom madeラブラブラブ

It was the first time I had Japanese food in a while!!キラキラ
The Mexican food I ate was delicious too, but my mom’s handmade food has a warm flavorラブラブおねがい


Today we will appear at the idol festival being held in Niigata,

Northern Music Circuit 2015(^O^)キラキラ

We’ll appear at the Marina stage at 6:10PM,
so those who have time, please be sure to come and watchラブラブ音符


In addition,
the YouTube program “Hello! Station” will be uploaded at 9:00PMウインク

Please be absolutely sure to check that out tooラブラブニコニコ

Well then, let’s enjoy the rest of our day口笛ラブラブ


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