Blog update: “℃-ute Day!”

Maimi celebrates the 10th annual ℃-ute Day with a blast from the past in her September 10th update “℃-ute Day!“. Full translation below.

September 10th is…….?

℃-ute Day(≧∇≦)ピンクハート

A lot of people gathered again this year, so I was so, so happy・°・(ノД`)・°・


This year’s ℃-ute Day is the 10th!!


The very first ℃-ute Day…
I still remember it vividly~~( ´ ▽ ` )ピンクハート

The performances added up after that,

and occasionally afterwards we’d all go eat udon on the way home while still having some regrets~~! lol

And then, we reached the 10th time!!

Since it was the 10th, we wanted to do something special!!

So we reproduced our first concert,
“Hajimatta yo! Cutie Show”チューピンクハート


We decided all the stage positions ourselves,
and we watched video to remind ourselves of the choreography,

and at that time,
Nacky’s father and mother searched their house for the video of our rehearsal from the first concertキラキラ

I’m grateful to Nacky’s parentsピンクハートおねがい

We were able to reproduce the concert without any problems!!!!!!


I’ll be happy if those who participated in that concert and those who joined team ℃-ute afterwards enjoyed it~~ピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート

There are songs with different choreography now,

and the current choreography is burned into our minds,

so if we weren’t prepared, our bodies would revert to the current choreography on its own…

I was nervous(*^^*;)

Rare characters that only appear during ℃-ute Day did so for the first time in a while!!!!

In addition, we debuted our new songs going on sale October 28thキラキラキラキラキラキラ

The Japan Wrestling Federation official team anthem
“Arigato ~Mugen no Yell~”

and support song “Arashi wo Okosunda Exciting Fight!”

These 2 songs make up our double-A side singleキラキラ


In the 48 kg division,
Tosaka Eri wonキラキラ

In the 53 kg division,
Yoshida Saori wonキラキラ

In addition,
it was Ms. Yoshida’s 200th win and 16th world championshipびっくり!!

In the 69 kg division,
Dosho Sara placed third,

and all 3 of them will participate in the 2016 Rio Olympicsキラキラキラキラキラキラ

Congratulations(T ^ T)ピンクハート

Results are still coming in for other members,

so I want to keep supporting them,

and I want to sing these songs with feelings so that they give power to everyone in the world competing and everyone who listens to them!!!!!!


Even though it was a weekday, thanks to everyone gathering each and every year,

we were able to complete ℃-ute Day again this year without any problemsえーんハート

Everyone who came,
everyone who cheered for us even though you couldn’t, thank you so very muchピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート

It seems that next year’s ℃-ute Day falls on a weekend о(ж>▽<)y ☆

That fact alone has me excitedハートハートハート


Please save the date(≧∇≦)

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