Blog update: “Rehearsal♪”

Maimi has a day packed with rehearsals in her September 7th update “Rehearsal♪“. Full translation below.

Good evening流れ星キラキラ

Today we had rehearsal for the ℃-ute Day event being held on September 10th,

and our performance in Mexico being held on September 19th local time(o^^o)キラキラ

I used my head and body a lot!!ラブラブ

Both performances are close,
so I have to remember everything with all my strengthグー(`•v•´)


But, but,
when I imagine the performances, I can’t help but look forward to themハートハートハート

I’ll work hard to that they both become wonderful performancesラブラブラブ

Having Yasuda yogurt after becoming drenched with sweat…

It’s as delicious as can beラブピンクハート

The orange flavor is really, really deliciousチューピンクハート

I’ll review and then sleep!!ラブ

Everyone, thanks for your hard work todayキラキラ
Let’s have another wonderful day tomorrowおねがいピンクハート

Good nightキラキラ星

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