Blog update: “Joshi Rakugo!”

Maimi dives into the world of rakugo again in her September 6th update “Joshi Rakugo!“. Full translation below.

Good evening流れ星


Today, at Ikebukuro Sunshine Gekijou,
we challenged Joshi Rakugo and a comedic dialogue composition relayウインクキラキラ

For 2 weeks in a row,
Hello! Project members challenged a variety of Japanese traditions as part of BS-TBS’s 15th anniversary event…おねがい!!

We ended it today without a hitch照れキラキラ

It’s my second time experiencing rakugo,
and I remember being incredibly nervous the first time I did it!!ガーン

When I compare it to that time,
I feel like I was able to have funラブラブラブ


Until I did it for the first time,
I wasn’t very familiar with rakugo,

but experiencing it myself, I learned the fun of rakugo,

and I really fell in love with watching it\(//∇//)\

I was able to see the master Tatekawa Shirano-san perform again this time,

and his expressiveness is amazing~びっくり!!

His face muscles are so flexible…

I laughed so much! lol(≧∇≦)


This time, Nacky and I challenged rakugo,


and I was happy for the big reactions from everyoneえーんハート

I felt your kindnessピンクハートピンクハートピンクハート

When I performed rakugo, I used the name “Amefuritei Fukin”,

and as expected, the weather was…



I hope I can appear in front of everyone as Amefuritei Fukin again someday~音符ニヤリ


Everyone who came to meet ℃-ute in the poor conditions,

everyone who supported us even though you couldn’t come,

thank you very much照れハート


I hope Fujii Rio (Kobushi Factory) won’t come to my house tonight( ゚д゚)!←(I used her for a joke in my rakugo. lol)

Everyone, make sure to lock all the doors before you sleep tooウインクピンクハートlol

Good night猫ハート



Later tonight,

“Sennyu★Kan” will air on TV Tokyo at 12:35AM!

Don’t miss it!!キラキラ

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