Blog update: “Ice cream♪”

Maimi cools down from a shoot with a treat from the other members in her September 1st update “Ice cream♪“. Full translation below.

Today I had a particular shoot!(o^^o)キラキラ

The entire day flew byラブピンクハート

It was a really fun shootおねがいラブラブ

I never imagined I’d be appearing together with that person(*^^*)!!

Look forward to the release~音符キラキラ

During break, Okai-chan and Mai went to the convenience store,
and they came back with ice cream for everyone~!!えーん

Thank you for always~(T ^ T)ピンクハート

It seems Hagi-chan picked out the ice cream for everyone,
and Chisato bought itラブピンクハート

She told me “I picked this one because Maimi-chan loves tartsウインクキラキラ“…。゚(T^T)゚。

Thank you Chisato and Mai~(´□`。)ハート

Next time I have to return the favor!!ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Even though it’s this early,
I’m already sleepy…( ̄▽ ̄)ピンクハート

The reason is simply because I’m full from dinner照れピンクハート

Today was happy~~ハートハートハート

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