Blog update: “Hello concert!”

Maimi wraps up a sweat-soaked day of Hello! Project concerts in her August 22nd update “Hello concert!“. Full translation below.

Good evening

Today we had Hello! Project concerts at Nakano Sunplaza(^_-)☆

Sudou Maasa-chan, Kumai Yurina-chan, and Mitsui Aika-chan came to watch~\(//∇//)\

I took a picture with Kumai-chan, so I’ll attach it

What an amazing beauty\(゜□゜)/lol

I was really happy I got to meet everyoneヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

And then,
at the current concerts there’s a setup that allows me to get close to everyone in the audience,

but at that time (especially the evening performance) I was so soaked with sweat…

It’s really embarrassing( ゚д゚)

When I saw my face in the mirror after the performance,

I was really shocked thinking “Eek( ゚д゚)
I was so close to everyone with such a shiny faceポーン!!” lol

It can’t be helpedヽ(;▽;)ノ

Please don’t leave me! lol

On the other hand, everyone’s smiles were really sparkling when I saw them up closeラブ

I’m really happy I could meet a lot of people again today

Everyone who participated,
everyone who couldn’t but still cheered for us,

thank you very much

Tomorrow we will have Hello! Project concerts at the same Nakano Sunplaza again

There’s 3 performances

At the very first, there’s a lottery corner called “Morning grab bag”о(ж>▽<)y ☆

I’ll have fun and work hard cheerfully tomorrow too v(^-^)v

Ah But before that!
Later tonight at 1:30AM,
Radio Nippon’s “Hello! SATOYAMA & SATOUMI Club” will air

It’s on late,
but please listen to it if you like\(//∇//)\

Well then,
have a wonderful day tomorrow…

Good night

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