Blog update: “Makkuro Kurosuke appears!”

Maimi starts the morning with a playful scare in her August 21st update Makkuro Kurosuke appears!“. Full translation below.


lol lol


Did I shock you first thing in the morning?? lol(*^^*)

Good morning( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
It’s Maimi


Today my photo book which was shot in Okinawa in April,
“Nobody knows 23”,
goes on sale


There will be a release commemoration handshake event at Fukuya Shoten Shinjuku Subnade store at 7:00PM…


It’s my first handshake event in a while,
so I was a little fired up,
and I slept last night wearing a face pack
That’s where the picture is from~;^_^A

Sorry for frightening you~lol


My face won’t look like that at the Fukuya Shoten Shinjuku Subnade store today,
so everyone, please come and meet Yajima\(^o^)/lol
I’m waiting


And then,
at 10:00PM,
the FM-PORT program “℃-ute Yajima Maimi no I My MeMaimi~” will air


Please be sure to check it out too

Well then, let’s have a wonderful day today( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


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