Blog update: “Because it’s summer!”

Maimi attempts to showcase her pet dog Toilette in her August 20th update “Because it’s summer!“. Full translation below.

A summer-exclusive Toilette-chan exhibit


…It’s what I wanted to do,
but the rambunctious Toilette-chan wouldn’t let me take a good picture of her~_| ̄|○

The pictures are blurry~


Actually, I took these a considerably long time ago,
so her hair is a little longer now~( ´ ▽ ` )

By the way, this is Toilette yesterday~

She’s cute(T ^ T)

The thing that Toilette loves…
Everyone, what do you think it is???( ̄▽ ̄)


She basically likes to eat anything,

but her mood clearly changes when she sees this food~;^_^A

In addition, it’s a little strange for a doggy to eat(^◇^;)

Today’s title is a hint~*\(^o^)/*

Everyone, please try to guesslol

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  1. The Japanese title is “Natsu dakara!”, which is also the title of a Buono! single.

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