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“Nobody knows 23” covers

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The covers for Maimi’s upcoming photobook, “Nobody knows 23”, have been added to the product listings on the Wanibooks online shop and Amazon Japan (left). In addition, the Amazon Japan exclusive cover (right) has also been added to the separate listing for that edition. Both editions will be released on August 21st.

New photobook “Nobody knows 23”announced

Maimi announced in her latest update that her next photobook will be titled “Nobody knows 23” and will be released on August 21. She also revealed the photobook was shot in Okinawa back in April. The book is available for preorder from the Wani online store until August 2nd and comes with an exclusive photocard. In addition, preordering from Wani gets you a chance at winning a 2L photocard and/or a personalized signed copy of the photobook. Those unable to order from the Wani online store might want to check out Amazon Japan, which has an edition with an exclusive cover.

MaimiLog site update 7/6/2015

Thank you to everyone for your continued support of Maimi! Updates to MaimiLog have slowed again as I continue to get settled in Japan. I am currently waiting for internet to be set up in my apartment, and will resume updating as soon as I can.