Blog update: “Today will end~!”

Maimi shares some shots of Toilette before heading to bed in her June 22nd update “Today will end~!“. Full translation below.

Good evening

Today is ending, huh~(・o・)

It was a busy day, but it was a satisfying since I did a lot of things I wanted to (o^^o)♪

Before I go to bed, I will attach some pictures of our bet dog Ton-chan (Toilette) which I took earlier~

She’s mischievous, so she won’t stay still! lol( ̄Д ̄)

She escaped under my knees…

So I thought, but she climbed up on my stomach…! lol

She never calms down(^◇^;) Really

But that’s soothing(≧▽≦)

Everyone, what kind of day did you have?

Let’s have wonderful dreams

Good niiiiiiiight

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