Blog update: “Announcement”

Maimi shares both happy and sad announcements as well as birthday wishes in her June 13th update “Announcement“. Full translation below.

Good morning

I think there are some people who noticed,

but actually, I cut my hair drastically yesterday

℃-ute has begun our 11th year
So I felt like getting a fresh start

My hair was about this long in the past,

so the members said “It’s nostalgic~


And then,
yesterday was ANGERME’s Murota Mizuki-chan’s birthday

Happy 17th birthday Murota-chan

Murota-chan’s eyes are always sparkling(*^▽^*)
She has this image of being lively on stage

She looks impressive,
and I feel it’s tied to her aura

Her dynamic dancing grabs my attention

When I talk to her,
she makes me think that there’s a peculiar side to her too

I can’t explain it well,
but she’s a funny girl

Please keep shining this year too(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
Have a wonderful year…


Alright ℃-ute has a shoot all day today*\(^o^)/*
I can’t wait(・∀・) I’m looking forward to it

Let’s tanobaru all day today


It was announced yesterday,
but Country Girls’ Shimamura Uta-chan has left the group.

It was so sudden that I was surprised when I heard it.

I think there are a lot of people who were as surprised as me by this announcement,

but it’s the result of conversations between her family and the company,

so while I’m sad that one of my colleague’s in Hello! Project has left,

I want the remaining members to combine their power and work hard to carry Uta-chan’s share too.

Please warmly watch over Country Girls as they overcome this.

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