Blog update: “We’ve become 10!”

Maimi celebrates ℃-ute’s 10th birthday in her June 11th update “We’ve become 10!“. Full translation below.

Good morning

This day has finally arrived

Today is ℃-ute’s 10th birthday


Ten years ago….. I was 13
Mai-chan, our youngest member….. was 9

We were small,
but now we’re the oldest group in Hello! Project

Time really flies

There have been a lot of changes in and around ℃-ute these past 10 years,

but there have been people who have believed in us and followed us no matter what.

Because of everyone, we were able to work hard and overcome the obstacles

Thank you so much

I was never able to imagine that we’d be able to stand on stage at Yokohama Arena on our 10th anniversary,

but the support of many people led us here, so I want to share my gratitude and joy with everyone

Those participating, those who are saying “Unfortunately I can’t“,
let’s combine our feelings and have the best 10th anniversary ever

℃-ute will run forward in the hope that we can show our thanks for everything these past 10 years,
and so that we can continue to exceed everyone’s expectations in our 11th year too

Everyone, please come with us


I love team ℃-ute

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