Blog update: “Myu~Komi Plus”

Maimi stays up late for a radio appearance with Nacky in her June 10th update “Myu~Komi Plus“. Full translation below.

Nacky and I appeared on Nippon Housou’s “Myu~Komi Plus”


It was on late,
but everyone who listened,

and everyone who requested chest-tightening lines, thank you very much

I was happy we received so many letters

Nacky and I tried the chest-tightening lines that the listeners thought of,

and as expected, it was embarrassing\(//~//)\

But when I was listening to Nacky’s, I couldn’t stop grinninglol


During the program,
I realized that it was only 24 hours until June 11th, the anniversary of our formation,

and while I still can’t believe it,

we talked about the past 10 years!✨

The host, Yoppi-san,
is someone we’ve worked with since we were little, so he’s someone who knows a lot about our past

I have a lot of memories with the program,
like appearing on it while on my way back from high school

And then, I was surprised to find out Tadokoro Azusa-san is the same age as Nacky

She’s a voice actress, so her voice was really cute

It was a fun time that was over in a flash
I definitely want to appear again

Thank you so much, everyone(・∀・)

Well then, Yajima will go to bedlol
Good night

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