Blog update: “R…(°_°)…ain”

Maimi checks the forecast for ℃-ute’s Yokohama Arena concert in her June 9th update “R…(°_°)…ain“. Full translation below.


Unfortunately it’s raining

It seems the Kantou region has entered the rainy season

In the members’ LINE group yesterday,

the other members messaged right away
“The forecast on the 11th is……”( ゚д゚)

I’m praying that the trains and such won’t stop…

Is it going to rain this time too?(´・_・`)

I hope everyone participating in the Yokohama Arena concert doesn’t forget their umbrellas and rain ponchos!(´Д`;)


Nakajima Saki-chan and I will appear live on Nippon Housou’s “Myu~komi+ Plus” at midnight

It’s on late,
but please be sure to check it out

(↑An offshot from “℃-ute 10th Anniversary Book”,
which goes on sale June 11th)

Despite the weather, let’s tanobaru all day today


It shook a lot this morning again,
and is everyone alright?

Everyone, please be careful.

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