Blog update: “Standing-room only!(°ロ°)”

Maimi continues rehearsal for the concert at Yokohama Arena and shares some happy news in her June 6th update “Standing-room only!(°ロ°)“. Full translation below.

Rehearsal has finished~~(・∀・)

My muscles are sore today~(´・ω・`)

I thought it was just me, but Hagi-chan is sore too


I sweat a lot today And then, even though it’s this late, I’m starving( ´ ▽ ` )

According to what I heard, it seems that tickets are sold out for our concert at Yokohama Arena,

and now they’ve made standing-room only tickets available…(T ^ T)

At first, I was worried if we would be able to fill such a large venue,


but the many people who support ℃-ute have erased my worries

I can’t believe it・°・(ノД`)・°・

Thank you so, so much


The concert marking our 10th anniversary since formation… It might be our longest concert ever

But we don’t want people to think “This is long“,

so we’ve all talked about the song list and the tempo of the concert a lot up to this point


There’s 5 days until the performance…

My heart is pounding( T_T)\(^-^ ) I hope everyone enjoys it

No Rather, I’ll work hard to guarantee you all enjoy it

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