Blog update: “Cleaning(*^^*)”

Maimi cleans house with her mother in her June 7th update “Cleaning(*^^*)“. Full translation below.

I cleaned the house with my mom (o^^o)✨

It feels nice when it’s clean~( ̄▽+ ̄*)

I liked wiping things with a damp cloth when I was little,
so I’d compete with my brothers while cleaning,

but now after just a little bit, I was like
“Aaaaaaah( ̄□ ̄;)
I’m tireeeeeeed_| ̄|○”

and I lost my will(^◇^;)

But I flipped the switch and noticed a variety of places,

and started wiping everything down in silence( ゚д゚)

I said to myself “Looks like there’s part of you that likes to clean!(ーvー*)\(^-^ )”,

and my mom responded “Give me a break~(゚O゚)\(- -;”!(^◇^;)lol

A little while after I started,
I was wiping down the inside of the closet door,
and my mom said from the living room
“Are you still alive??( ゚д゚)… Huh? Where are you??( ゚д゚)” and poked her head into my room! lol(^◇^;)

When I said “I’m here!(・o・)ノ”, she laughed and said “You were too quiet(^◇^;)”! lol

It seems she was surprised at how quiet I became after complaining about being tired! lol

After this I’ll go get a massage with my mom

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