Blog update: “18!”

Maimi wishes an ANGERME member a happy birthday while preparing for ℃-ute’s in her June 4th update “18!“. Full translation below.


Today is ANGERME’s Nakanishi Kana-chan’s birthday(・∀・)

Happy 18th, Kananan

I went to see ANGERME’s concert at Budoukan the other day,

and Kananan’s singing has steadily improved

Actually, I felt it when I went to see S/mileage’s musical,

and at the Budoukan performance, I felt she grew even more

How should I put it, it seems like the way she sings has changed

During the musical,

I was shocked and thought “Whoa A voice like that came out of Kananan( ゚д゚)”

I felt like she was using her voice differently to suit each song at the concert

And then, it was like she had more confidence than before

Kananan looked impressive on stage and was shining

I hope Kananan spends the next year laughing a lot


Now then

The YouTube program “GREEN ROOM” is scheduled to be uploaded today at 9:00PM(*^.^*)


What kind of backstage scenes will we be able to see today?v(^-^)v

Please be sure to check it out



Including today, there’s 8 days left until the Yokohama Arena performance on ℃-ute’s birthday, June 11th(^O^)/

I’ll work hard at rehearsal again today in preparation for the performance


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