Blog update: “Oh! The bird flew away(°ロ°)”

Maimi finally achieves her goal of visiting all of Japan’s 47 prefectures in her May 24th update “Oh! The bird flew away(°ロ°)“. Full translation below.

Just now, ℃-ute’s NaruChika concert in Tottori finished

The fact that Tottori is the last place in Japan to get a Starbucks has been in the news recently,
and likewise, it was the last prefecture in Japan for us to visit

Sorry for making you wait(>人<;)

For me, I like the sound of its name,

and it’s a prefecture I’ve wanted to visit\(//∇//)\

I was interested in the Tottori sand dunes,
but I couldn’t go today( ̄▽ ̄)

I’ve gotta get my revenge someday(≧∇≦)

At the airport in Tottori,
we were welcomed by GeGeGe no Kitaro

Kitaro and Medama Oyaji were everywhere

It’s because Kitaro was born in Tottori prefecture, isn’t it~

In addition, Tottori is known for its crab and sabazushi, and we were given meals with both in the dressing room

It was delicious

Since we haven’t been able to come to Tottori,

there were a lot of people we met for the first time

For the 2nd performance, the members all did each others’ hairstyle

Chissa did my hair for me

But the other 3 members also helped,

so my hair was done by everyone


Thanks everyone

It was a little embarrassing standing on stage with a new hairstyle\(//~//)\lol

I was nervous the entire timeσ(^_^;)

I laughed a lot today too, so it was a day full of happiness

I hope everyone enjoyed it as well


If I factor out the NaruChika concerts,

today marks the day I visited all 47 prefectures in Japan

If I lived a normal life,
I don’t think I would be able to go to all 47 prefectures,

so I’m happy I was able to go around all of Japan like this

Today’s the day I conquered the entire country

All that’s remaining on the current NaruChika tour is the Tokyo performance!!

I’ll enjoy next week too

Everyone who participated, everyone who couldn’t but supported us, thank you

Please have wonderful dreams tonight

Good night~

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  1. The original Japanese title reads “Otto! Tori ga nigeta zo”.

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