Blog update: “Announcement.”

Maimi reacts to the latest Hello! Project graduation announcement in her May 20th update “Announcement.“. Full translation below.

On the episode of the YouTube program “Hello! Station” uploaded today,

ANGERME’s Fukuda Kanon-chan announced that she will graduate from Hello! Project this autumn.

We were surprised when we learned of it,
and I think it surprised everyone else too.

I feel sad each time one of my colleagues in Hello! Project graduates,

but Kanon has turned 20,
and this decision was the result of her thinking about what she wants to do from here,

so I feel “I want to support her!”.

Each person has their own life,
so I want everyone to walk the path they’ve drawn themselves,
do all the things they want to do, and attempt all the things they want to attempt!

Eleven years have passed since Kanon was a Hello! Project Egg.

She’s had a variety of experiences and felt a variety of emotions these 11 years.

Like she said herself,
there were a lot of tough times and a lot of fun times.

I want to cherish our time together with everyone until she graduates,

so that I can say “Good job!” with a smile to Kanon who has ran for 11 years in Hello! Project.

It’s a decision that took a lot of courage,
so I hope that everyone will support it,

and the rest of us will work hard to protect and liven up the Hello! Project that she loves and looked up to, so that we won’t lose to her!!

I hope that each of our futures will be bright…

There’s not a lot of time left,
but I want it to be a really happy and warm time for Kanon until she graduates…

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