MaimiLog status update 5/13/2015

Regular readers of this site have probably noticed that the updates have slowed to a halt recently. I haven’t lost my passion for Maimi or translating, but rather have found myself strapped for time as I transition to working in Japan. I’m currently in intensive training which requires I spend my time after work preparing for the next day, so I’ve been struggling to put aside time to translate. I won’t be training forever though, so I hope to get back to a daily schedule before too long. I’ll try to catch up as much as I can this weekend, but I might have to jump ahead to her current updates depending on how long that takes. At any rate, thank you for continuing to support Maimi and I hope you’ll continue to visit here to read about her!

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  1. thank you so much sir b.g. for all the things that you have done for us….properly maintaining a translated blog requires a lot of effort so i am really grateful to you… if i were capable of what you are doing, i would be glad to help you…. i hope nothing but the best for you…we will patiently wait….

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