Blog update: “Announcement!!”

Maimi’s day of events comes to a close and she spreads the news of a new unit in her April 29th update “Announcement!!“. Full translation below.

The polaroid & signing & handshake events have finished v(^-^)v

I was able to meet a lot of people starting in the morning,
so I was happy(ノ^^)八(^^ )ノ

I was able to take pictures with a variety of people,
and I was able to talk a lot during the signing and handshake events,

so it was a fun day o(^^o)(o^^)o


I’m happy that I could feel everyone’s affection and learn even a little bit more about everyone when we exchanged words


I hope everyone who participated had fun too(・∀・)

Everyone who participated,
everyone who supported us,
thank you v(^-^)v

And then, it was announced while we were having our handshake event,
and it’s also announced on the current episode of the YouTube program “Hello! Station”……




But a new unit was born in Hello! Project(*^-^)b

Their name is……


“Tsubaki Factory”

It’s made up of 6 people from the Hello! Project trainees,

Yamagishi Riko-chan,
Ogata Risa-chan,
Kishimoto Yumeno-chan,
Niinuma Kisora-chan,
Tanimoto Ami-chan,
and Asakura Kiki-chan(*^^*)

The tsubaki is a flower native to Japan,
and it’s been loved by people since ancient times

It’s theorized that its name originally comes from the kanji for “strong flowers and trees” (pronounced tsubaki),
and it was named that because of it’s strong leaves

It seems the name was chosen with the feelings of
“We want them to be a group which has a dignified beauty,
and is always strong and vivid!”

and then, “We want them to become a group that will be like the flower language of ‘pride’, ‘supreme beauty’, and ‘humble kindness’!”


It seems Hello! Project advisor Shimizu Saki-chan was involved in chosing the members and the unit name

Like “Kobushi Factory”, the “Factory” in the name is because she wants them to inherit the spirit of Berryz Koubou


“Tsubaki Factory” will be working hard with “Kobushi Factory” from here to have their major debut…

Since they’re both trainee units,
I think they’ll work hard as rivals and companions for a long time like Berryz Koubou and ℃-ute


I’ll work hard to take Hello! Project to the next level with everyone

Please be sure to support the new unit “Tsubaki Factory” too


I think there’s a lot of people whose Golden Week has started today,

and what kind of day was it?

Let’s have a wonderful day tomorrow too(^_-)☆

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