Blog update: “Tokui-san’s…(*^^*)”

Maimi gets Takui Nakajima’s latest release in her April 27th update “Tokui-san’s…(*^^*)“. Full translation below.

I was given this at the office today♪( ´θ`)ノ

Nakajima Takui-san’s album
“Renga no Ie”

He also recorded a version of ℃-ute’s newest single,
“Tsugi no Kado wo Magare”*\(^o^)/*

Takui-san’s version of “Tsugi no Kado wo Magare” is really cool(^-^)/

It’s interesting how a song gives a completely different impression when it’s sung by someone different and the arrangement is different♪( ´θ`)ノ


My close friend sent me a message on LINE saying

“I listen to ℃-ute’s new songs on my way to work every day v(^-^)v”,

and “When I listen to ‘Tsugi no Kado wo Magare’,
it feels me with emotion,
and gives me power!“(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Once again, I’m grateful for receiving such a wonderful song


please listen to Takui-san’s version of “Tsugi no Kado wo Magare”(°∀°)b

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