Blog update: “Thanks.”

Maimi expresses her gratitude to all her juniors who showed up for the concert in her April 27th update “Thanks.“. Full translation below.

A lot of our juniors came to see ℃-ute’s concert yesterday(・∀・)

I’m happy

Mitsui Aika-chan, who returned from studying abroad the other day(≧▽≦)

Welcome home

I haven’t meet Aika for a long time, and she came back a little tanned,
but she was the same Aika as always

I was relieved that she hadn’t changed aaaaaaat all(ノ´▽`)ノ

She returned, and came to see a concert right away(≧▽≦)



And then, Morning Musume。’15 members came to watch too (o^^o)

It seems they came running over after their individual handshakes(*^.^*)

After the performance,
Fukumura Mizuki-chan said “Yajima-san’s abs were amazing(゚O゚)”~(  ゚ ▽ ゚ ;)lol

How embarassing…(〃~〃)lol

Thank you for coming even though you were busy(・∀・)

And then,
Kobushi Factory’s Fujii Rio-chan

And the Hello! Project trainees Kishimoto Yumeno-chan and Asakura Kiki-chan too

I wasn’t able to take a picture with the 3 of them m(._.)m

But, bute, I was reaaaaally happy

Thanks so much, everyone v(^-^)v


I’ll continue to work hard so I can look cool for my juniors

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