Blog update: “Lots of announcements!!(*^^*)”

Maimi gives us a heads-up on watch to watch for in her April 24th update “Lots of announcements!!(*^^*)“. Full translation below.

Good afternoon

at 6:30PM,
we will have a NaruChika concert\(//∇//)\

I think there will be a lot of people coming on the way home from work and school, so we will put on a concert that will blow away all your stress from the past week(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

We’re waiting for a lot of people to participate

And then,
tomorrow ℃-ute will appear at “Chou Ongaku Matsuri 2015”, part of “Nico Nico Chou Kaigi 2015” being held at Makuhari Messe(o^^o)

I’m really happy that we can appear again this year(/ _ ; )

It’s a chance to show a lot of people our performance,

and a variety of artists will appear, so we’ll work hard so that as many people as possible join team ℃-ute

I want a lot of people to come and watch

And then, those who unfortunately can’t participate can watch the concert live on Nico Nico Douga,

so I’ll be happy if you watch there too

We’ll appear on Nico Radio at 2:00PM

It’s a live broadcast, so the schedule can change,
but please be sure to check it out♪( ´θ`)ノ

By the way, on the 26th, the day after ℃-ute’s appearance,
Juice=Juice from Hello! Project will also appear(*^^*)

Let’s do our best p(^_^)q

In addition

On June 10th, the ℃-ute music video collection
“CUTIE VISUAL ⑤” will go on sale v(^-^)v

It contains 14 videos,
starting with our 21st single “Crazy Kanzen na Otona”,
to our current single,
“The Middle Management ~Josei Chuukankanrishoku~/Gamusha LIFE/Tsugi no Kado wo Magare”(*^.^*)

Please be absolutely sure to check this out✨


Today Hagi-chan brought us Starbucks(T ^ T)

I’m so happy(>_<)❤️

It was delicious( T_T)❤️

I’ll have fun and do my best today with the power from the Starbucks

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