Blog update: “Drawing near! 6/11(♪( ´θ`)ノ”

Maimi makes more preparations for ℃-ute’s Yokohama Arena concert as it gets closer in her April 22nd update “Drawing near! 6/11(♪( ´θ`)ノ“. Full translation below.

Good morning

After our lessons yesterday,

we had a meeting about our first solo concert at Yokohama Arena,

which will be held on the 10th anniversary of ℃-ute’s formation, June 11th(o^^o)

That day is slowly drawing nearer My heart is pounding…


Up to now, I’ve said in a variety of places
“I want the contents of the finale at Yokohama Arena to change slighty from the contents of the current tour“,

and we told the tour staff about the changes and the kind of production we want


℃-ute’s 10th anniversary is a one-day-only event, so I want as many people as possible to come,

so whenever we go somewhere on the NaruChika or spring tour,

I announce “We will have a concert on the day we formed at Yokohama Arena“,

and everywhere there are a lot of people who say
“I’m going(≧▽≦)”,

and I think “Ah Even though everyone lives in different places, they will gather at the same place on June 11th and we’ll take in the same atmosphere and scenery together“.

Of course,

I really, reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally want everyone to come,

but there are people at the handshake events who have said
“I really want to go, but I’m unable to.(´・_・`)”.

They looked really sad,
and I thought “There are people who want to come but can’t(´_`。)”.

everyone who is unable to come,

please send your feelings to Yokohama Arena on June 11th

Even though we won’t be able to see you, we’ll definitely receive your feelings
We will put on the best performance ever so that our feelings reach everyone who can’t come tooヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ

I want eeeeveryone to be wrapped in happiness on June 11th(´∀`)

Now then
The weather is nice today

Let’s have a wonderful day(*^.^*)

A picture from before I cut my hair(・∀・)

Well then, later


The YouTube program “Hello! Station” will be uploaded tonight at 9:00PM

Please be sure to check it out

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