Blog update: “Nostalgic scent (o^^o)”

Maimi is taken back by neighborhood scents and works up an appetite in her April 16th update “Nostalgic scent (o^^o)“. Full translation below.

When I reached my neighborhood on the way home from work,

the smells of dinner wa~fted from my neighbors’ houses…( ´ ▽ ` )

It’s nostalgic…

It reminded me of coming home from playing with my friend when I was in elementary school and when I was coming home from club activities in middle school(=´∀`)

Is this home having fish(*^^*)?

Ah! Is this house having curry(*^^*)?


I got excited thinking “Alright What are we having at my house?(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))”

I’m starving(o^^o)
I’ll have dinner at home tonight(≧▽≦)

I’m goooooonnaaaaa eaaaaaaat\(//∇//)\

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