Blog update: “Dressing room…”

Maimi gives us a look at ℃-ute’s dressing room hijinks in her April 11th update “Dressing room…“. Full translation below.

Rehearsal finished,
and ℃-ute is full of energy(≧▽≦)

These 2 are playing around

Suzuko keeps losing! w川・o・川w

Okadon is very pleased!!(^◇^;)

Her lips are sticking out! lol(≧▽≦)

Her signature move! She’s pinned to the mat( ̄▽+ ̄*)

Hagiko came to save Suzuko





She turned the tables(((゜д゜;)))



Amongst all that,
Naka-san is writing on the pamphlet we use on today’s tour

But, she came here too!
Okadon( ̄□ ̄;)!!

Lastly, a close-up of Naka-san


It’s a lively dressing room…v(^-^)v

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