Blog update: “Hello! Shop Akihabara(*^^*)”

Maimi urges everyone to head to the Hello! Project shop to check out a special feature in her April 7th update “Hello! Shop Akihabara(*^^*)“. Full translation below.

I announced this some time ago,

but Hello! Project members will be appearing in a serialization in Tokyo Sports called “〇〇 Girl”,

and every Tuesday,
the picture published will be displayed at the Hello! Project Shop in Akihabara in full-color and A3 size(・∀・)

“〇〇 Girl” is…
What if Oyama Ken-san, a photographer and writer who has only taken pictures of things like “factories”, “apartment buildings”, and “junctions”,

shot an idol photobook?

It’s an experimental and adventurous corner being serialized in “Tokyo Sports”

It started in March,
and it’s currently being published to rave reviews

Right now,
pictures and manuscripts of Morning Musume。’15
(Fukumura Mizuki/Sayashi Riho/Oda Sakura/Ogata Haruna)
as “Under the Bridge Girls”,
“Construction Girls”,
and “Overhead Structure Girls”,

and ℃-ute (Yajima Maimi/Nakajima Saki/Hagiwara Mai) as “Bowling Girls” are being displayed at the store

It’s limited to the Akihabara store,
so please check them out if you have the chance to go there*\(^o^)/*

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