Blog update: “New single release(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))”

Maimi gives an in-depth breakdown of each song on ℃-ute’s new single in her April 1st update “New single release(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))“. Full translation below.

Good morning

April starts today(*^^*)

There are a lot of people starting their new lives today as well✨


At yesterday’s handshake event,
there were many people who said “I will start junior high in April!”
and “Tomorrow I start working!!”

Starting a new life…
It must be nerve-racking((>д<))

Everyone will be in new surroundings,
but I hope you’ll be smiling cheerfully…(^O^)/

During tough times,
please remember ℃-ute and do your best (o^^o)

℃-ute is by everyone’s side о(ж>▽<)y ☆

And then,
today is the release of ℃-ute’s first triple A-side “The Middle Management ~Josei Chuukankanrishoku~/Gamusha LIFE/Tsugi no Kado wo Magare”\(//∇//)\

This time each song was made by someone different

Tsunku♂-san wrote the lyrics for “The Middle Management ~Joshi Chuukankanrishoku~”,

and it was composed by Daniel Merlot-san

It’s a really cool song,
and the lyrics start with
“Before I realized it, look, everyone’s younger than me~”,

so because we’re now the oldest group in Hello! Project,

we said “This overlaps with us((*^.^*))”!!

I think it’s a song that working adults older than us can relate to,

and we’ve sung a lot of songs about things like being in school and making a vow at 17,

so singing a song about being middle management in an office makes me feel like the songs we sing are gradually growing up too~

Everyone is wearing suits in the music video,
so it has a mature feeling

The choreography was done by the instructor we worked with for the “Hello! Station Dance Club” from the YouTube program “Hello! Station”,

who is a different choreographer than our usual

The dance is nuanced and it requires muscles to be able to stop suddenly with the music,
so without those muscles,
we wouldn’t be able to dance with as much impact as our instructors did

First we started by breaking our bad dancing habits

We were all exasperated when learning the choreography

We worked hard to show everyone a cool ℃-utep(^-^)q

So I hope everyone will notice the dance too v(^-^)v

“Gamusha LIFE” was a song born from the TV Asahi program “music-ru TV”,
which airs every Monday at 1:26AM

We were surprised when we were first told “Your next song will be made in the program

It started with us talking about what kind of song we wanted,

and I become really happy when I think about how a lot of people probably saw the process of making the song on the program


There were a lot of students on the program aiming to become composers,

and they came up with a lot of ideas for ℃-ute’s new song

Thank you so much

It was narrowed down to KOUGA-san,
who composed the song for us(*^-^)

The students’ advisor, Shounan no Kaze’s SHOCK EYE-san, wrote the lyrics

We had never met SHOCK EYE-san before this project started,

but in order to make a song for us,
he did a lot of research!!(T ^ T)

It seems he also talked a lot to the staff close to us。゚(T^T)゚。

The first time I read the lyrics,
there were so many parts I could relate to…

In addition,
those lyrics overlapping with a cheerful melody made me feel like I was going to cry(;^_^A

It’s a song of our bonds as we approach our 10th anniversary since formation this June 11th

It’s a song encompassing aaaaaaaaaaaaaaall of team ℃-ute,

including the other members who are always by each others’ side,
the staff that worked with ℃-ute up to now,
the members who have left,
and then all of the fans who always support us(ノ^^)八(^^ )ノ

Therefore, when we sing it at concert,
we’re not the only ones singing it(・∀・)

When everyone in the venue started suddenly singing along with us,

I thought “Aah, our hearts really are one…(ノω・、)” and it tugged on my heartstrings…

I want to continue to build this song with eeeeeeeeeeveryone at each venue(*^-^)b


Last is “Tsugi no Kado wo Magare”!!

This song was created by our office senior,
Nakajima Takui-san(^-^)

Takui-san has a rock image, and singing a song that’s really, really rock like him is fun

First, when I saw the title,
I thought “How fresh!!”,

and amongst all the songs with messages like
“It’s important to never give up, even during the tough times…!!”
and “Follow your path to the end!!”,

this song says

“If you don’t find the answer
no matter how much you walk,
turn the next corner!

“That’s not running away!
You don’t look uncool!
There are things we can’t control”…

It’s really encouraging!!

I’m that way too,
but when I’m learning something or doing something,
once I decide “I’m going to do this!!”,

I’m the type who can’t stop midway!!(^^;;

There have been times I’ve honestly thought “I want to quit.” and “I don’t want to do this anymore.”,

but I felt like I’d be losing to myself,
and I hated saying “I want to quit!”(・_・;

Now I think “I’m happy I kept going(o^^o)”,
and of course I feel a sense of accomplishment,

but that’s a conversation about things we can do if we work hard,

as I think there’s a lot of things in this world that are just impossible.(><;)

Therefore, if you work hard and work hard,
and despite that you’re unable to do it,
there’s also the method of turning the next corner!!

I’m the same way,
but because of our pride,
we’re not able to come up with that idea on our own.

when I heard this song,
I thought “I see! There’s that way of thinking too~(*v.v)”,

and I felt like I really learned something(^-^)

I think it’s good to think for yourself,
and it’s different from forcing your way of thinking on others,

but it’s wonderful that music can naturally convey messages like this

I think everyone who is starting a new life is working really hard,

and during the tough times,
I hope you will listen to this song(^-^)

Jobs aren’t always fun, of course,

but I think the secret to continuing for a long time is doing something you feel is worthwhile and enjoy,

so if something blocks your path,
it’s probably a good idea to turn the next corner!(^^)

A starry sky you’ve never seen before will be spread out above you


The messages we want to convey with each song,
and the melodies and atmospheres are all completely different,

so I’ll be happy if you can feel a different ℃-ute than usual from this 1 disc

I hope our new songs reach a lot of people’s earsv(^-^)v

I hope they give power to a lot of people

Please be absolutely sure to check out our new single releasing today


Today we will have a release commemoration mini-concert & handshake event for the new single at Ikebukuro Sunshine’s fountain plaza at 5:30PM,

so everyone, please come and see us

We’re waiting(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

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