Blog update: “Gomen nasai ne~”

Maimi comes clean in her April 2nd update “Gomen nasai ne~“. Full translation below.

I got in the bath*\(^o^)/*

My wound stung……


Far from it, it disappeared before my eyes♪( ´θ`)ノ


That’s right
Yesterday was April Fools


The injury on my hand I just updated about……




It was a lie(≧∇≦)!!



Please forgive me

I thought that a lie that makes people worry isn’t good,


but I couldn’t think of anything else(>人<;)

In order to trick everyone,
I took out my pen set at home and drew with all my might(´・_・`)lol

How was it?!(;^ω^A

Did I trick everyone??(^^;;


If I made you worry,

gomen nasai ne~


did you play any April Fools tricks on anyone?(・∀・)


Let’s have good dreams tonight
Good night

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  1. “Gomen nasai ne” means “I’m sorry”, but I left it in Japanese as the way Maimi said it is most likely a reference to Country Girls’ “Itoshikutte Gomen Ne”:

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