Blog update: “Thank you, Rookie.”

Translation of Maimi’s March 27th Gree update “Thank you, Rookie.“.

Last night, Rookie began his trip to Heaven.

I can’t believe it.

I still think “Isn’t he just sleeping like always?”.

Countless times I thought
“When I wake up, won’t he be as full of energy as always?”.

I prayed countless times for that to happen.

I thought he still had a long time to live.

When I left the house earlier, I could hear him barking cheerfully in the garden to see me off all the way from the sun room,

and when my brother returned home on a day I wasn’t there, it seems he was so delighted he jumped up.

I thought as he got older he wouldn’t be able to walk and he’d become bedridden,

but he passed away without ever showing signs like those.

Rookie was smart, kind, and clever.
It would have been alright if you had troubled us more at the end…

When I opened the door to the sun room at night,
Rookie was lying down,
and at first I thought “Is he just sleeping?”.

He’d always wake up and turn towards me when I called his name, but even though I called his name and patted him, he didn’t even stir.

But he was still warm around his stomach.

I don’t think very much time had passed since he had left for Heaven.

Recently I had stayed away from home for several days,
so I feel he picked a day that I’d be home,

and waited until he heard that my mom and I had returned before leaving.

Why didn’t I check in on him a little bit sooner…

I regret it.

He must have been lonely by himself.

I wanted to be there for him when he took his last breath.



Ever since I was little I’ve loved doggies, so I longed to grow up together with a doggie.

My parents were opposed for a long time,

but it was Rookie who finally made my dream come true.

Since he was the newcomer to our family,
we named him Rookie,

and before I knew it, he had already become an old dog at 14-years-old.

He’s the only one of my pet dogs to have known me before I joined Hello! Project.

He became part of the family when I was 9-years-old,
and he was always by my side until I became 23.

When my mom would get angry at me at the house when I was young,
Rookie would look at me,

and I’d often think “It must be nice to be Rookie.”

He was mischievous as a puppy,
and he’d make me cry when he’d drag me along,

and when he ran away and we couldn’t find him,
I thought “I’ll never be able to see him again”,

and we would take walks together to the house where we used to live,

and he’d come running with me…

When we were on streets without cars, I’d let him off his leash and he looked like he felt good running with the wind on his ears.

Before I knew it, that puppy had passed me by in human years and continued to grow older than me.

Will things go back to how they were yesterday morning?

It was so sudden,
so I can’t believe it,
and I can’t accept it.

It’s painful to look back at all my memories with him.

Everyone who loved Rookie, thank you so much.

A lot of people loved him even though they couldn’t meet him directly,
so I think that Rookie was surely delighted.

I’m really, really happy that I could meet Rookie and be a family with him.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

I wonder if Rookie was happy.

Hurry up and be reborn, and come back to my side.

I think it was fate I met Rookie, so I feel like we definitely have to meet again.

To take it further, I feel like Rookie and I were connected before he was even born.

I’ll always be waiting for you.

I hope Rookie will be happy in Heaven.

Yajima Rookie,
thank you for making the Yajima household as happy as possible.

Please sleep well.

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