Blog update: “4 years.”

Maimi puts what she learned during her sweets travels to use and reflects on the anniversary of the great Tohoku Kantou earthquake in her March 11th update “4 years.“. Full translation below.

Good evening
It’s Maimi

This is sudden, but the serial article of mine that ran in “UTB” for a year,

“℃-ute Yajima Maimi no Yajimapp Sweets Sugyou no Tabi”,

It was decided it will be collected in a single book

Because of that, I continued shooting today


Over the course of a year, I went to a variety of towns and studied sweets at the stores there

To show the results of my studies,

today I made treats

I love doing so,
but recently I haven’t had the chance to

Just touching the tools and ingredients for making sweets for the first time in a while made me excited,

and it was really fun

So much so that I want to make some again as soon as possible

After some more things are decided, I will post details about the book


Afterwards, all of ℃-ute had rehearsal for the spring tour

Today we rehearsed the entire performance


It’s like
When we do the concert this time, it feels like it’s over in the blink of an eye

I hope that the people watching will feel that way as well

I want to practice the parts I messed up and the things that were changed,
and try it again at the next rehearsal


And then, today is March 11th.
The Tohoku earthquake happened 4 years ago.

I hope that the area affected will continue to improve, and once again I pray from the bottom of my heart that the many people who lost their lives in the earthquake find happiness in the next world.

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