Blog update: “Futsalε= ε=┌( ≧∇≦)┘”

Maimi laces up her cleats for possibly the last time in her March 8th update “Futsalε= ε=┌( ≧∇≦)┘“. Full translation below.

Good evening
It’s Maimi

Yesterday was the final event for the futsal team “Gatas Brilhantes H.P.” before suspending our activities

Gatas continued for 11 years,
but I was unable to participate in almost any practices towards the end,

so yesterday was the first time in a really long while I wore the uniform


It had been a long time since I met everyone on the team, but they hadn’t changed at all, and the conversations I had with them were warming

A lot of people also gathered at the venue in the cold

I’m really grateful
The sky looked ominous, but I’m glad it didn’t rain during the eventε-(´∀`; )

I don’t usually get to have events outside

The futsal match we had outside during the summer in Odaiba… It makes me nostalgic~

When I think “I won’t be able to have an experience like that from now on(´・Д・)”, I become a little sad,

but playing futsal with everyone for the first time in a while yesterday was really fun, and as expected, I felt “I love exercise

I’ve played futsal since I was little,

and the original goal for creating the Hello! Project futsal team was to spread girls’ futsal around the world

Back then, futsal had very little visibility

When I first heard that I’d be playing futsal,

I thought stupid things like “Futsal……? Does it have something to do with monkeys?(・o・)”lol

At the very beginning,

the coach taught us a variety of things using games on the court so that we’d like “futsal” and think it’s fun,

and gradually things became serious,
and each time we’d learn new rules and techniques

When I returned home, I’d go to the open area in my neighborhood and practice passing with my dad(^^)

It’s nostalgic…

I don’t know when it happened, but that ball has become one of Rookie’s toys( ゜д゜)

I was able to interact a lot with my Hello! Project seniors through futsal

I wrote that I was never able to participate in practice,

but when I was occasionally able to,
my seniors couldn’t participate for various reasons,

so it had been a reaaaaaaaaaaaaally long time since I played futsal with them

I thought “Being able to play futsal together again like this is wonderful…”,

and I was moved remembering when we used to practice together(T_T)

There were seniors who were unable to participate in this event due to scheduling,

but they left us comments,
and it made me nostalgic for when we played together

I think there’s fewer people in the country who don’t know about futsal than do
It seems there’s data that shows that,

and it makes me really happy that futsal has spread like this in 11 years

Gatas has suspended their activities, but my love of futsal will never change,

and if I have the chance again,
I want to run on the court and kick the ball with all my might

All of the coaches and supervisors who taught those of us who didn’t know a single thing about futsal,

and then, the staff who supported us,

all of the teammates I battled alongside,

and then, and then,
all of the Gatas supporters who cheered for the team for 11 years,

from the bottom of my heart, thank you



After the event,
Okai Chisato-chan and I appeared live on NHK Sougou’s “Chakushin Onrei! Ke-tai Oogiri”(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))


On this program, viewers can submit lighthearted comic dialogue,

and everyone’s sense of humor had me laughing non-stop(//∇//)

It was fun

Chisato said that she submitted something to the program before,

but it seems they didn’t use it

Since they receive countless submissions, the likelihood of them reading ours is really low,

but I started wanting to try submitting one(^^)

I’d be really proud if they read it! lol

Well, I don’t have a good sense of humor though…(^◇^;)

I’m just curious!lol

I’ll definitely try

Everyone who checked out the program,
everyone who contributed,

thank you so very much

℃-ute had a NaruChika concert today in Hamamatsu,

and I’ll write about it in tomorrow’s update

I had a fun day today
How was everyone’s weekend??

Well then, until tomorrow’s update~

Good night

Today is Kobushi Factory’s Wada Sakurako-chan’s birthday(//∇//)

Wada-chan, happy birthday

It seems Wada-chan loves dogs,
and when she hosted the YouTube program “Hello! Station”,

I empathized with her when she talked about wanting to rustle her pet dog’s hair(≧∇≦)

I feel like we’d get along

Her atmosphere while hosting was gentle, so watching her calmed me down( ´ ▽ ` )

She’s my therapy

Please have a wonderful year

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