Blog update: “Fufun♪( ´θ`)ノ”

Maimi has a shoot and then goes out to eat with one of her juniors in her March 6th update “Fufun♪( ´θ`)ノ“. Full translation below.

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

Today I had a shoot with Yaguchi Mari-san and ANGERME’s Wada Ayaka-chan


It was a really fresh line-up,
and the shoot was fun and over in a flash

Afterwards, I went out to eat with Ayacho and my manager(o^^o)


Cheese fondue, which I love

On the menu at that store,
there’s only cheese fondue for multiple people on the menu,

so when I go by myself,
I’m always able to fill up just on the cheese fondue,

but when I go with others,
everyone is able to eat the cheese fondue,

so this time I ordered other things I love too,
like quiche and omelet rice(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

Happy( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Ayacho and I talked about Kyoto,
she told me about Buddha statues and the arts,
and we got excited talking about doggies and kitties…(o^^o)

It was reaaaaaally fun♪( ´θ`)ノ

When I listened to Ayacho talking about going to Kyoto herself, I thought “AmazingΣ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ”( ゜д゜)

It seems a variety of people helped her when she became lost( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

In addition, when she was going to take a picture with the temple behind her, she was confused as to what to do because she didn’t have a selfie stick,

but it seems some foreigners said
“We’ll take it” and took the picture for her( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

It’s a wonderful story

Ayacho showed me pictures of where she went and explained them,

and while I was listening to her,
I started wanting to try going on a trip by myself(≧∇≦)

But if I go, I’d like it to be on a warm day where the weather is nice(^o^)/*

I want to walk around and look at the scenery without worrying about the time(o^^o)

And then, today, March 6th,

is Country Girls’ playing manager Tsugunaga Momoko-chan’s 23rd birthday~(^o^)/*

We’re the same age again♪( ´θ`)ノ

When I sent her an email,

she wrote in her reply
“I’ll work hard as Hello! Project’s subleader~(lol)”,

so I could feel Momo’s nonchalant kindness

Thanks for always

Please continue to take care of me



Tomorrow at 12:05AM,
Okai Chisato-chan and I will appear live on NHK Sougou’s “Chakushin Onrei! Ke-tai Oogiri”…

Everyone, please be sure to take part in the challenge at the end

Well then, until tomorrow’s update

Bye byeeee(o^^o)

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