Blog update: “Spring tour(^o^)/*”

Maimi announces the name for the new tour and wraps up her new member introductions with another member from the newest unit in her January 22nd update “Spring tour(^o^)/*“. Full translation below.

Good evening
It’s Maimi

This is sudden, but I’ve got an important announcement for everyone(o^^o)

The title of our spring tour has been decided( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

To put it bluntly

It’s “9→10-Shuunenkinen ℃-ute Concert Tour 2015 Haru ~The Future Departure~”

“9→10-Shuunenkinen” represents crossing over from our 9th year to our 10th year on June 11th,
and also means “℃-ute” (9→10)(o^^o)

And then, the meaning of “The Future Departure” is “Leaving for the future!”

On June 11th, from the large ark known as Yokohama Arena, all of team ℃-ute will depart for the future

We came up with the title while thinking “It will be the starting line of our 10th year

The ℃-ute official blog early pre-order ticket application process for that tour has already begun(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

April 4th (Sat) Kawaguchi Sougou Bunka Center Lilia Main Hall (Saitama)

April 11th (Sat) Nagoya Shikoukaidou Large Hall (Aichi)

Application URL:
Application period: January 22nd (Thurs) to January 28th (Weds) 11:59PM

Everyone, please be absolutely sure to come

Changing the subject, coinciding with the start of the Hello! Project concerts, I’ve introduced the new members of Hello! Project in this blog,

and today is finally the last

The last member I’ll be introducing is
Wada Sakurako-chan from the new unit


Wada Sakurako-chan was originally a Hello! Project trainee,

but actually, we haven’t had a chance to talk properly yet, so I’m really interested in what kind of girl she is

I started thinking on my own “She’s probably the really calm type“,
but she might be completely opposite in reality(*^^*)

It’s still a mystery

But I feel a sense of relief from Wada-chan’s atmosphere~

She has an atmosphere that makes people feel that way

I think I’ll try to talk to her if I get the chance(^o^)/*

I’ve introduced 20 members up to this point, and everyone who has checked this blog,

did you remember all of their names and faces?(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

I’m going to continue to work hard with all my new colleagues in Hello! Project

Please warmly support us



Today I watched the latest episode of the YouTube program “Hello! Station”,

and Hamaura Ayano-chan from the new unit talked about her feelings about her time spent as a trainee

Hama-chan cried…

Once again I thought “Each person has come this far with their own thoughts and troubles~

This time it happened to be Hama-chan,
but surely the other girls have had dealt with troubles and frustration.

Even people in the positions that others envy!

I think there are a lot of worries and conflict in those environments.

I was really moved that we can all stand on stage as colleagues in Hello! Project now because everyone fights against those troubles.

When I think about that, it makes me feel “Hello! Project is filled with strong girls~!(o^^o)”…

I can’t say for certain that our dreams will come true when we work hard,

but I think that if we don’t work hard when things are going badly, our dreams definitely won’t come true.

It’s easy to run away from things,
but if we do so, there’s definitely nothing waiting for us…

That’s what I felt while watching Hama-chan’s interview

Aren’t there a lot of people who got the power to work hard after watching that interview?

Though I say “Don’t run away!” in difficult time, it’s different because each person’s life is their own, but I just want everyone to live a life without regrets

I’m going to have a wonderful day tomorrow with the power Hama-chan gave me

Well then, until tomorrow’s update

Good night


Bonus picture~


With sheep Airi-san (Suzuki Airi-chan)(o^^o)

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  1. As I’m sure most ℃-ute fans know by now, the pronunciation of the group’s name in Japanese is the same as possible pronunciations for the numbers 9 and 10.

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