Blog update: “Congraulations to Hello! Station for 100 episodes”

Maimi watches a musical in an unconventional way and introduces one of the latest members of Morning Musume。 in her January 15th update “Congraulations to Hello! Station for 100 episodes“. Full translation below.

Good evening
It’s Maimi

It rained today~(´・_・`)
It was a heavy downpour(>人<;)

But it feels like it’s the first time it’s rained in awhile…( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Yesterday, I went to the theater to see “Billy Elliot the Musical”(o^^o)

It was really, really goodヽ(;▽;)ノ

It was video of a performance held in London September of last year that was shown all over the country,

and I was able to enjoy the musical from a variety of different angles thanks to the cameras in the theater!(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

This play gives you a lot of power(//∇//)

I wish I could’ve seen it live~~

It’s showy, packs a punch,
and gives people spirit,

and I felt “This is what makes people think ‘I’m glad I came to watch‘”

Even though the lead Elliot Hanna is only 11-years-old, his physical strength is staggering( ゜д゜)

There are a lot of highlights,
and seeing him give a lot of effort and put in a lot of practice gave me lots and lots of energy to work hard too

There were a lot of laughs as well,
and it was interesting all the ways they came up with to transition between scenes…

It’s amazing that a lot of people from different countries all think “Magnificent” after watching the same play!

I got to see something wonderful

Now then! Changing the subject,

here is today’s Hello! Project new member introduction…

Today I’ll be introducing Morning Musume。’15’s Ogata Haruna-chan


While watching footage of the audition on the YouTube program “Hello! Station”,
I was really drawn to Ogata-chan

Seeing her struggle with all her might with the dancing and singing she couldn’t get accustomed to tugged at my heart

It reminded me of myself back then!

Even though she practiced a lot,
when it came time for the performance, her mind went blank and she became frustrated…

Did I develop an affinity for her at that point~?
I understood her feelings,

and even though I already knew she passed the audition,
I was still cheering for her thinking “Hang in there~(>_<) Hang in there~(>_<)”


We bumped into each other earlier at catering(^o^)/*

When I turned my camera to her thinking “Hehehe(o^^o) I’ll take a pic“, she struck a cute pose(*^^*)

She’s from the Kansai region,
and I’ll occasionally overhear her really cute Kansai dialect

We still haven’t talked much…(^ν^)

So I’d like to talk to her a lot and find out more and more about what kind of girl she is~~

Now then! I mentioned “Hello! Station”,

and the latest episode was uploaded yesterday

It’s the monumental 100th episode(^o^)/*

Congratulations to Hello! Station on the 100th episode

Continuing from last week,
there are clips from when the new unit was announced

Everyone, please be sure to check it out

And then, please continue to watch “Hello! Station”

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