Blog update: “winter(*^^*)”

Maimi welcomes a new addition to her room and goes star-gazing in her December 16th update “winter(*^^*)“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

It’s cold today~( ゜д゜)

Did everyone put on warm clothes before leaving the house?(・ω・)

Speaking of which, I forgot to write about this,

but a new bed arrived in Yajima’s room

It’s a soft and fluffy bed(≧∇≦)

I noticed that my bed was broken quite some time ago( ゜д゜)

So much so that I thought “I’ve been sleeping under these dangerous conditionsΣ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ”,
as one of the legs had fallen off,
and it could’ve fallen down with a “Thump“(O_O)

I used that bed for about 13 yearsε-(´∀`; )
It worked hard~ヽ(´o`;

It seems my mom and dad bought a new bed while I was staying overnight somewhere,

and I suddenly received an e-mail that read “We got you a new bed~(//∇//)”

It’s pure white, and it has a light and an outlet for charging a cellphone,

and I was impressed thinking
“Times have changed~( ゜д゜)”

It’s so soft, I fall asleep faster than usual

It’s comfortable

Ah Talking about when I was staying overnight reminded me,

did you see the Gemini meteor shower the night before last?

I was staying in Osaka that day, and just as I arrived at my hotel room,

I received an e-mail from my mom saying

“The shooting stars are amazing(^o^)/*”

I thought “Ah( ゜д゜) That’s right Today was the Gemini meteor shower~“, and remembered seeing it mentioned on TV in the morning,


and thinking “It’s in the direction of Orion~♪( ´θ`)ノ”,

I opened the curtains in my room, and I was able to immediately spot Orion from my there

The clouds were blown away almost instantly due to the strong wind, so I was able to see the stars really clearly even through the glass

I looked for a bit…

But “Huh…?(´・_・`)
I don’t see any shooting stars at all…

I replied to my mom “Is that so? There’s none(´・_・`)?”,
and just as I was getting ready to give up


A star shot through the sky( ゜д゜)

“Ha( ゜д゜) I saw it

I got worked up by myself thinking “Eh? That was a shooting star just now, right??
I’m not seeing things, right??“,

and I was glued to the window staring for a while, but I wasn’t able to see any more~(;´Д`A


Because of that,
I thought “Was that an illusion…?“~~(^◇^;)

But, but, even though it was just for an instant, it was really beautiful~

I didn’t have enough time to make a wish,

but I thought “Something good will happen(//∇//)”, so I was happy just to see one~(o^^o)

Was everyone looking at the same sky that night??


I don’t like the cold of winter,
but I’ve loved being able to see the stars clearly since I was young

I heard that it might snow today, and I wonder what it will be like(*^^*)

If it snows,
it’ll be the first snow of the season for me

Be careful not to catch a cold~

Well then, until tomorrow’s update

Today’s pictures


Cologne-chan Santa

Taken on the closing day of the Monster tour,
a picture with Hello! Project trainee
Ichioka Reina-chan


Taken on the same closing day,
a picture with the trainee Kishimoto Yumeno-chan(^ ^)

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