Blog update: “Lovely(// ∇//)”

Maimi sends well-wishes to her injured puppy and marvels at another of her dog’s growth in her December 13th update “Lovely(// ∇//)“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

It’s cold, isn’t it!(◎_◎;)
My hands are ice-cold(・・;)
I warmed up with corn potage this morning

Yesterday, we had practice for the annual Hello! Project New Year’s concerts, which start on January 2nd

It was fun(((o(*゜▽゜*)o)))

And then, I really want to see Toilette right now(T ^ T)

Actually, my pet dog Toilette broke her leg a few days ago…

One morning, while my mom was cooking,

she heard a terrible cry “Yelp, yelp, yelp。・°°・(>_<)・°°・。”…

Surprised, she went to go look,
and it seems like she jumped out of her cage and probably wasn’t able to land well…

My mom took Cologne to the veterinary hospital immediately, and since she broke her leg, she has to stay there.

It must have been painful…

I wasn’t able to prepare myself for Toilette being gone, and even though several days have already passed,

when I look at her cage, her blanket is in a ball on top of her cushion just as she left it that morning,

and at a quick glance, the blanket looks like Toilette sleeping on top of her cushion

Toilette’s favorite toy is also laying in her cage looking lonely

Surely Toilette is lonely at the hospital too…

She doesn’t eat much normally, so I’m worried about that as well

It seems the veterinarian said “She ate a little today.”,

but how much is a little?

It sounds like the procedure was a success though

I’m really glad
It seems she has to stay at the vet for about another week,

but she has to rest when she gets home,

so we have to put her in a cage that’s so small she can’t jump

On top of that, it’ll probably be really stressful for Toilette(T ^ T)

But it’s so she can get better quickly, so it can’t be helped

Even though she was small enough that she was unable to reach the top of her cage just a little while ago,

day by day her jumping strength improved,
and thinking “She’ll hit her head on the top((((;゜Д゜)))))))”,
we made the mistake of removing it…
I didn’t think she’d be able to jump over it now…

In addition, her legs are as skinny as a chicken wing, so I should have been more careful…

I will really reflect on my actions

Get well and come home soon, okay


Doggies’ growth is amazing

My pet dog Cologne was following me around everywhere yesterday,

and she was really, really adorable

It reminded me of when I met Cologne

I went with my mom to the breeder,

and I thought “It has to be this one“…

She was small enough to fit in my palm,
and she would chew on my hair

I wanted to always be with her to the point that I wanted to walk to school with her in my bag

At the start of the new year,
I dressed her up as a boar, the animal for that year(o^^o)

She didn’t put up any resistance,
and she was cute sitting there quietly looking like a boar

Cologne has grown so much that when I compared her to my palm,
I wondered how many baby Colognes it’d take to equal Cologne’s current size( ゜д゜)

I fell even more in love with her thinking “She’s become big“(つД`)ノ

At night, I was in the living room writing the message photo cards that will be included with the Blu-ray “Ways”,

and she was badgering me to hold her, so I did

I continued writing while holding Cologne, and before I knew it, Cologne was resting her chin on top of the table sleeping soundly(//~//)

I can’t bear how cute she is~~(´Д` )

Recently her belly has become flabby…
That’s cute too


I’ll attach a recent picture of my close friend’s kitty cat,


She’s really interested in the toilet


My friend said “Maru-chan is so clingy, she even followed me into the bathroom!(^◇^;)”

It’s soothing~

This update has become kind of long,
but later today is the Monster tour finale in Osaka

This tour finally comes to an end today

I’m going to go give it everything I have without regret

Everyone, have a wonderful day…

Bonus picture~
A picture of the hairstyle that Hagiwara Mai-chan did for me in the hair arrangement corner on the YouTube program “Hello! Station”


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