Blog update: “Thank you”

Maimi wraps up her 3-day casual dinner show with gratitude for everyone involved in her December 8th update “Thank you“. Full translation below.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

My casual dinner show “Message”,
which started on the 5th,

finished yesterday without a hitch


It was fun
It made me happy

I experienced my first dinner show at 20-years-old,

and it was a really fun time back then too


I always thought “I want to do one again“, and after about 3 years another Yajima Maimi dinner show came about

I started planning it really early thinking
“If I have another dinner show, it’ll be like this~…“,

and I had fun creating a setlist when I had free time…lol

I naturally thought of a lot of songs with the idea “I want to convey the feeling of these lyrics to everyone

“H~m… But aren’t there too many laidback songs?(・ω・)”

“I want to put a fun song here…

The time I spent thinking about things like that was fun too


At the dinner show when I was 20,
I sang Moritaka Chisato-san’s “Ame” while playing the piano,

and I wanted to challenge another song next time I had a dinner show~

I wanted it to be a ℃-ute song~

Secretly I practiced “Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku” at home

Except for the days where I had to stay somewhere overnight,
and the days I would’ve been a nuisance to my neighbors if I played because I was up really early, I touched the piano every day

There were parts where I faltered,
but I’m glad I was able to perform “Ame” and “Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku” on the piano for everyone~


In addition, the actual dinner show was decided,

and I knew it would be during the winter,

so I thought “I want to include a Christmas medley because Christmas will be near“,

and since there would be an Osaka performance, I thought “I want to sing these songs if I’ll be in Osaka~“,

and the things I wanted to do kept increasing…f^_^;)

In addition, since I wanted to convey the meaning of the lyrics, I didn’t want to perform only half or one chorus of the songs,

so they let me perform the full-sized song

The result of that was that the time for the MCs became short(>人<;)

I thought “This time, I want to convey my message through song“…

I shared my feelings with everyone in my own way

Since I chose songs with the feelings I wanted to convey, I really reflected on the lyrics while singing

Everyone watching me with kind eyes as I sang made me feel really warm

Once again I thought
“I want to be able to save everyone during difficult times,

just like how they have saved me many times before when things were rough and difficult and gave me the power to work hard

My heart was overflowing with gratitude to everyone who always shows me so much affection,

and I felt “I’m really glad I’ve been able to meet everyone

I don’t just feel this way about everyone who participated, but also about eeeeeeveryone who always supports me…

I think there are still a lot of you who I haven’t met yet,

and I’m really grateful that you found out about me and support me


At any rate, I felt “I love everyone” and I had a really fun time


I wanted to do something so that people would remember this dinner show after it was over,

so I thought to give everyone a lyric booklet as a present

A lot of problems arose even after it was finished,
so I thought “It must be difficult to implement“,

but the staff really worked together, and we were able to realize it


The staff who made the dinner show a reality
The designer who made the beautiful outfit
The make-up artist who made me match the outfit
The staff who made the goods

And then, everyone in the band who enhanced the performance with wonderful live music,

thank you from the bottom of my heart

Ozaki Hiroshi-san, who played guitar,
Orihara Yoko-san, who played keyboard,
Ohishi Tomonori-san, who played percussion,

and Tsuru Norihiro-san,
who did the arrangements and played violin,

thank you so very much

I was nervous and they encouraged me,
and having all of them on stage with me was reassuring

More than anything, singing with such wonderful live accompaniment felt really nice, was fun, and it made me happy



I’ll be glad if we can work together again sometime

It was 3 days filled with gratitude for a lot of people(^ ^)

Please continue to support me from here on

Tomorrow I finally make my guest appearance in Haga-gumi’s play “Kuru Kuru to Shi to Shitto”,
which is being held at Higashi Ikebukuro Owl Spot


My heart is pounding
I want to enjoy it to it’s fullest

If you have time, please be sure to come and watch…

I’m waiting for you

Well then, I hope everyone has a wonderful day today…

Until tomorrow’s update~

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